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Our vision

Our aim is to provide Better Health Data. Rather than collecting data blindly, we believe it is more important to determine which data will be the most appropriate to improve patient care.

Our ambition is to develop clinically validated medical applications to help patients throughout their care pathway. 
We will seek CE marking and FDA clearance for our applications, as we are determined to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

The future of Medicine

We are convinced that medicine will evolve from a care approach centered around consultation to a personalized and continuous care, supported by new digital tools. From clinical research to daily care, the possibilities are astounding. 

Regarding public health, mobile applications and connected objects will help create new real-world databases for research within a precise and strictly controlled framework, in line with health authorities’ guidelines.


Patient is increasingly at the center of health systems. He can rely on new tools to access medical information, patient communities or services to better manage his care pathway. Building on these trends, Ad Scientiam is developing solutions making patients the main actors of their own health.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Working on health data is highly sensitive. By meeting strict ethical and confidentiality standards, Ad Scientiam offers reliable solutions to transform patient care

Ad Scientiam in the Press

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