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En partenariat avec Ad Scientiam, le laboratoire Mylan présente aujourd'hui MyHBP®, une application santé mobile dédiée aux patients souffrant...

Sclérose en plaques : la startup Ad Scientiam, hébergée à l'ICM, révolutionne le parcours de soin du patient avec MSCopilot®

Ad Scientiam présente MSCopilot dans le journal de France Inter : interview de Liouma Tokitsu, Elisabeth Maillart et Yann Le Coz

APMnews: the latest Ad Scientiam software medical device is available on the Google and Apple Stores. It has been developed to improve the monitoring...

Ad Scientiam lance MSCopilot, l'appli pour le suivi de la sclérose en plaques

Ad Scientiam has launched a multi-centric clinical validation study, on 200+ participants, for its multiple sclerosis assessment solution, MSCopilot

An article about Ad Scientiam in "Les Echos"...

Ad Scientiam solution, MSCopilot (Digital self-Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis), was...

2 weeks ago, Ad Scientiam won the 2017 Digital Innovation Competition in the Health category.
It will allow us to access a financing by the Programme...

Liouma Tokitsu, Ad Scientiam CEO, and Alexis Génin, Head of research and technology development at the Brain and Spine Institute, were interviewed by...

The iPEPS, Brain and Spine Institute’s incubator in which we are hosted, becomes Station F unique health partner for the development of new medical...

We are proud to announce that we have been rewarded by BPI France in the Health category of the 6th Edition of the Digital Innovation Competition,...

Driven by the wish to develop relevant and useful mobile applications, Ad Scientiam closely collaborates with patient advocacy groups at every step of...

Ad Scientiam launches its own validation clinical study on 200 patients in 10 Neurology centers specialized in Multiple Sclerosis

Sleep and Quality of Life Evaluation of Patients With Atopic Dermatitis Based on E-diary on a Smartphone Application and Actigraphy (ACTISLEEP)

Scientific article about Ad Scientiam solution in MS (DAMS)

creted by Dr Mikaël COHEN - Neurologist Hôpital Pasteur, CHU Nice

We are presenting an application under development, dedicated to patients with Mutiple Sclerosis (MS). This solution aims at facilitating patient...

Ad Scientiam Interview in ""

creted by

Find out how Ad Scientiam managed to enter the very exclusive connected health sector

Ad Scientiam invited by ROCHE France at "Hello Tomorrow"

creted by hello_tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow: "Where science and technology meet entrepreneurship to build our tomorrow". Ad Scientiam is invited by Roche France

Data: big, open, smart… How can real-world data impact the lifecycle management of drug products?

A pilot study comparing the MSFC score to the DAM application, a self-assessment solution for MS patients

The French newspaper "L'usine nouvelle" presents Ad Scientiam in the top50 most innovative startups

Article on Ad Scientiam in

creted by

Ad Scientiam is developing medical monitoring 2.0: the startup has developed a solution to collect real-world data for medical research, using the...

A medical application soon reimbursed by French Securite Sociale?

A reference for business angels and other investors, as well as...

The French President, François Hollande, has visited the Brain & Spine Institute during the International Day for University Hopsital Institutes, on...

Softlanding Program in Boston is organised by Medicen Paris Region, French Tech Hub, Bpifrance and MassMedic

Ad Scientiam a le plaisir de vous annoncer que les sessions santé connectée revienne en février.

Ad Scientiam a le plaisir de vous annoncer que les sessions santé connectée reviennent pour une 4ème édition.

Roche France & Ad Scientiam signed a partnership to develop a digital solution on Multiple Sclerosis.

Interview for the website "Acteurs de Santé". Video in French


Humanism and new technologies. Presentation in French by Dr Monteil from Ad Scientiam

Vidéo of the Dr Monteil for "Acteurs de Santé"

Dr Medjebar in the INDUS, a pharma university newspaper

Ad Scientiam at the 11th Women's Global Forum 2015

BFM Business

Dr. Cecile Monteil has been invited to participate to a broadcast on BFM business, concerning the place of technology in health care system's...

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Watch the Dr Monteil's presentation about the first french Research kit application.

The French magazine What's up doc present an event organized by Ad Scientiam where the French startup annonces the launch of the first study with...

Ad Scientiam is pleased to announce that the connected health sessions are back.

Ad Scientiam wins the Startup Contest 2015 in the health category

After Top 100, Ad Scientiam is in the Top 30 of the best French startups.

Interview on the French radio about connected health with Dr Monteil from Ad Scientiam

Ad Scientiam is pleased to announce that the connected health sessions are back.

The french newspaper "Le Quotidien du Medecin" interviews us about modernization of medical research

Dr. Monteil from Ad Scientiam presents a debate about connected devices and eHealth during the "e-Santé 2015" Conference

BFM Business

TV broadcast in French about the impact of eHelath on patient-doctor link with Dr Monteil from Ad Scientiam

Ad Scientiam wins the selection and enters in the acceleration program of ALTRAN

BIO Europe Spring

Presentation of Ad Scientiam at ICT for Health during the BIO Europe Spring conference

Ad Scientiam in a French health conference

Osons la France

Cecile Monteil, from Ad Scientiam, has spoken on the topic « mHealth, what can we expect? »

TEDx Compiègne

Dr. Monteil from Ad Scientiam participates to TEDx Talk Compiegne about mHealth

Horizon Pluriel

Horizon Puriel magazine publishes an article about Dr. Cecile Monteil and Dr. Benjamin Pitrat


Ad Scientiam is presented on M6 by Dr. Cecile Monteil and Dr. Benjamin Pitrat

Dr. Cecile Monteil is interviewed by France Inter in a broadcast dedicated to eHealth

Dr. Benjamin Pitrat exposes his vision about patient's insight

How smartphones are used in medical research

Ad Scientiam and ICM are organizing the first information and brainstorming session on this topic, bringing together clinicians and researchers of...

A French TV broadcast (France 24) with Dr Pitrat from Ad Scientiam

An Article by Rue 89 speaks about the Internet of Things and Ad scientiam

Liouma Tokitsu, an alumni of EPITA, Computing Engineering School founded Ad Scientiam...

Ad Scientiam connecte les patients suivis

Les Echos

Article in “Les Echos” speaks about Ad scientiam

Article on the site : The letter of biotechnologies n°4


Article on the site : dmdPost


Article on the site of “L’Express” journal

DIM Brain & Health

Article on the site of scientific networks DIM Brain & Health

Ad Scientiam receives an award on the event “salon des entrepreneurs” (the Show of the Entrepreneur )